Upgrade your fireplace with a

Vented Gas System

A welcome upgrade to your wood burning fireplace

At Bromwell’s, we carry a wide variety of gas fireplaces from brands like Eiklor & R.H. Peterson. We offer seamless installation by qualified and licensed installers in the greater Cincinnati, Northern KY & surrounding areas. 

Eiklor – Ultimate 5


The Exquisite Ultimate 5®, the only patented 5-burner system available on the market, provides the maximum in realism and beauty with unique Stainless Steel components for solid performance and longevity. Sand-less burners provide clean flame, and the 5-burner technology still looks real while burning half the fuel, using our adjustable controls. 

  • Carefully Molded and Hand Painted Logs

  • Exclusive to Bromwell’s Cincinnati

  • For indoor or outdoor use

  • For Fully-Vented Residential and Commercial Fireplaces

  • High Heat refractory ceramic 

  • Factory Set and Burn Tested for Safety

  • Life-Time Warranty

Eiklor – King Mombo

The King Mombo Gas Log System, Sizes 36″-120″

Eiklor’s artistically created, ultra-detailed gas logs are made of high-heat 2600 refractory ceramic and are heated by our exclusive patented technology 2-burner system fabricated with stainless steel components to give you an extraordinary beautiful,  energy efficient ‘toasty warm fire’. Eiklor Flames sets the standard by which you can judge the rest. 

  • Carefully Molded and Hand Painted Logs up to 10′ long

  • For LARGE Residential & Commercial Fully-Vented Fireplaces

  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use

  • Front-View & See-Through Designs Available 

  • Natural Gas or Propane

RH Peterson – G-45

Sizes  12″-36″

The G45 Vented Gas Fireplace Burner from Real Fyre provides a high-quality gas burner intended for use with a gas log set. Heavy-duty construction ensures a long-lasting and durable burner system, while the innovative design provides a realistic flame presence and a superior flame presentation. The G45 series burner provides an excellent choice to fill your fireplace enclosure with a beautiful flame for maximum enjoyment. 

  • Choice of fifty hand crafted log sets

  • Unique burner design creates a superior flame appearance

  • Natural Gas or Propane

  • Logs molded with a refractory ceramic mixture, and steel rods, provide increased longevity and a brighter glow

RH Peterson – G-52 Radiant Fyre

Sizes 18/20″ and 24/30″

With enticing dancing flames, you can feel the warmth of the new RH Peterson Real Fyre G52 Radiant Fyre Gas log systems. Molded with an exclusive fiber enhanced refractory ceramic mixture, these handcrafted logs showcase the crisp Charred Evergreen Oak &Charred Evergreen Split Oak bark detail. They glow and radiate like burning wood. 

  • Choice of four hand crafted log sets

  • Exclusive stainless steel booster grid

  • Dual Burner system

  • Natural Gas or Propane

  • Logs molded with fiber enhanced refractory ceramic mixture, providing a brighter glow

  • Hidden controls for compact footprint 

Choice of logs

R.H. Peterson’s artisans work from real wood samples to meticulously recreate the intricate bark detail and natural coloration of deeply charred wood. Each gas log is painstakingly hand-crafted and handprinted to create the most realistic gas logs. From it active natural flames down to the glowing bed of lifelike embers, the result is a log set that will enhance the beauty of your hearth. 

Charred Split Evergreen-oak

Charred Evergreen Oak

Colonial Oak

Burnt Aspen

Need help making a decision?

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