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We provide our clients with a vast selection of gas inserts, wood fireboxes, and stoves, suitable for anyone’s style. Varying from traditional, square fireplaces with oak log sets and brick pattern panels, or more contemporary, linear style fireplaces that can be found in sizes ranging from 18” all the way to 9 feet wide. Among these styles, there are endless style options and heat capacity options. Some of them produce a tremendous amount of heat, some a moderate amount of heat, and some don’t produce heat at all and are specifically designed to do nothing but create a beautiful ambiance. Our job is to talk to you and ask the questions necessary to use that information and provide you with the options that are going to be best suited for your home. 

Outdoor Fireplaces

Welcome to Bromwell’s, where the enchantment of summer evenings meets the warmth of a high quality outdoor fireplace. Elevate your outdoor oasis into a captivating retreat where cherished memories are made with brands such as Town & Country, Urbana, and Majestic. Step into our showroom today and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of an outdoor fireplace. Let our knowledgeable staff guide you in finding the perfect addition to your home, ensuring unforgettable outdoor moments for years to come. Call us or visit our showroom to take the first step towards creating your own outdoor sanctuary.

Fire Pits

Here at Bromwell’s, we know that the key to a great Cincinnati summer is a campfire. The toasty warmth, crackling flames – and the s’mores of course. Whether it’s a gas or wood fire, a fire pit is guaranteed to help extend your summer. We’ve got fire pits from brands such as Outdoor Plus and HPC – the ideal addition to your backyard. Give us a call today or stop by to check out our selection of gas and wood fire pits.

Fire Tables

A quintessential midwestern summer revolves around the enchanting allure of a campfire. Picture the cozy warmth and the mesmerizing crackle of flames. Whether you prefer the convenience of gas or the rustic charm of wood, a fire pit is your passport to elongating those cherished summer moments. Our curated collection boasts top-tier brands like Urbana, Stoll, and HPC, ensuring your backyard becomes an oasis of relaxation and entertainment. Reach out today or swing by to explore our array of gas and wood fire pits.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are a great addition to your outdoor living area. Discover various styles of patio heaters, from brands such as Infratech & Bromic

Outdoor Grills

Ready to take your outdoor cooking game to sizzling new heights? Look no further than Bromwell’s unbeatable selection of premium grills!

From backyard barbecues to patio parties, our top-of-the-line grills are designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience. Explore our wide range of brands such as FireMagic, Blaze, Napoleon, Broil King, AOG, Summerset, and Primo.

But we don’t just stop at offering the best grills – we are the only company that will service your grill. Our expert staff is on hand to provide personalized recommendations, grill assembly services, and expert tips to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor cooking adventures.

Ready to ignite your passion for grilling? Visit Bromwell’s today and fuel your outdoor fun with the perfect grill for you.

Outdoor Kitchens

Elevate your backyard gatherings with the ultimate outdoor kitchen from Bromwell’s featuring premier brands like Stoll Industries and Summerset. Crafted with precision engineering and top-of-the-line materials, our outdoor kitchens are the pinnacle of style, durability, and functionality. From Stoll Industries’ innovative grilling systems to Summerset’s sleek and efficient appliances, every component is designed to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a casual entertainer, our outdoor kitchens provide the perfect canvas for culinary creativity and memorable moments with loved ones. Experience the luxury of outdoor cooking at its finest with our Stoll Industries and Summerset collections – where quality meets elegance under the open sky.
Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Furniture

Bromwell’s: The Patio Specialists

Complete your outdoor oasis with our stunning patio offerings! Host unforgettable dinner parties or enjoy a morning coffee in the embrace of our meticulously designed patio furniture. As The Patio Specialists, we’re committed to helping you curate an outdoor experience that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. Visit our Cincinnati showroom today to explore our inspiring collection and discover how our expert team can guide you in creating the patio of your dreams. Your perfect outdoor space awaits at Bromwell’s!

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